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50W Head

Made by Tone Shop

Description Custom designed amp by Jeremy Ledford of Tone Shop Amplification.
Posted By Chris Russell (3044)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 11/24/2006, Chris Russell (3044) posted:
Overall Rating:
Everything about the end product, and doing buisiness with the designer was top rate. for a very reasonable cost (mush less than I expected) I now have an amp thats exactly what I want.

if it were lost or stolen.. it's a one of a kind. we could re-do the process, which I would in a heartbeat, but like all one of a kinds.. each is a little different.

my favorite aspect? definitely the tone! much like the original circuit I chose, the end sound screams or howls so much differently than the boutiques
Model Year: 2006
Where Obtained: Jeremy Ledford
1 volume, 3 tone knobs (very reactive to distortion), and 1 presence. at my request, this amp has simple yet highly effective controls. I wanted a 'no-fuss' configuration that I could get the changes I like at the guitars knobs. this was accomplished exceptionally well. it's a blues monster! I can go from sweet jangly, or thick robust, to "it's-not-going-to-be-ok" insane drive with just the volume/tone knobs on the guitar. also features a power amp input in addition to the main in. this lets me run my large platform pedal board into the power amp, bypassing the pre. this is great for effects stuff and playing at lower volumes. fact is, my Gibson into the front end of this thing is waaay to much for a practice amp, and probably too much for alot of working bands. enough power? are you kidding me? LOL! tubes- two KT77 and three 12ax7. can be biased for 6V6 or EL34 by attenuation. (much easier than having to change resistors.)
Sound Quality:
Sound quality is incredible. all of Jeremy's amps are extremely quiet, have beautiful coloration, and bring out the natural attributes of the guitar that is plugged into it. I've owned many amps, from boutique to dusty ol' classics. now I have one that was built exactly the way I want. I can't say enough about how good this amp sounds. maybe it'll make sense to some that I can hear (and play to) the natural qualities of my Paul. because I can finally hear 'em. the difference between a hand built amp and an off the shelf amp is like the difference between solid state and tube. can't be explained unless you've PLAYED one.
Ease of Use:
No-fuss. set the 5 knobs for the sound I want, and the room I'm playing. I can do everything else at the guitar knobs.. ..and hands. haven't even mentioned this yet. this 'one volume' configuration exemplifies the ol saying tone is in the hands. the sound you get from lightly brushing a string is completely different than when you spank it. and infinite differences in between.
Point-to-point wired. top components. lovingly tweeked to 'just right'. no sign of excessive heat. everything firmly attached. extra quality built in everywhere. haven't dropped it from the back of a van yet. but it deffinitely seems road worthy. I expect from the way it was set up that the tubes will last a good long time too.