The Vanilla Book

Description The Vanilla Book offers "vanilla" chord progressions for 400+ Jazz Standards.Great for beginning jazzers.Transcribed by Ralph Patt,who toured with Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller and also worked as a staff musician for ABC.
Posted By Alan Roberts (10065)
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Member Reviews

On 3/10/2007, Alfred Scoggins (5193) posted:
Overall Rating:
It's a good job I had a look at the resources! I was just about to post this very site in as a good resource.

At first glance it might seem this is a site for beginners, but it's not really. Vanilla chords are only good so far as they go and beginners wouldn't know what to do with them.

For beginners who want to know the accepted progressions for tunes I'd say get a Real Book.

For those with more experience of reharmonisation this site is very good. Even for them, however, you wouldn't necessarily know how many of these tunes are played professionally.
Suitable for advanced guitarists
On 11/23/2006, Alan Roberts (10065) posted:
Overall Rating:
Ralph's website is a fine resource for anyone looking to start or improve at Jazz guitar.The 400+ song titles transcribed are all common titles that will be familiar to anyone with the most basic knowledge of jazz.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists