Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic 2 X 10

50W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Soldano

Description Super nice combo for gigging. Professionally built with amazing tone.
Posted By Randy Combs (6529)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 9/21/2006, Randy Combs (6529) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have owned many amps of different makes, tube and solid state. This Reverb-O-Sonic is as good as it gets. Since I gig in mostly clubs, the combo amp is the way to go. The TONE of this amp is what makes it worth the extra money. And it's more versatile than people think when they hear the name Soldano. I am completely won over by this amp. It made me sell my vintage Fender Princeton and the Peavey Ultra is going also, even though it's a great amp in it's own right. No longer do I miss my workhorse Marshall JCM-800. The Reverb-O-Sonic is all these and more. I pity the poor fool to try and steal this amp, I would definitely buy another. I have yet to see a down side to this amp, it's that good.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $695.00
Where Obtained: Emerald City Guitars
This is a 2 channel amp that is footswitchable. The controls are basic on the Reverb-O-Sonic. It does have a master and volume controls on each channel. Treble, mid and high, reverb and presence controls. It's an all tube combo, 5881's for power tubes and 12AX7's for preamp tubes. The speakers are stock Soldano/Eminence, which are very good. The amp sounds excellent at low volumes, hard to find in a tube amp. But this amp excels when the volume is at 5 or better, these go to "11" by the way. Definietly loud enough for gigging a 300 cap club.
Sound Quality:
Sound Quality? For 16 years my main amp was a Marshall JCM-800. The Reverb-O-Sonic does the JCM-800 tone and much much more. Without a pedal you can get a beautiful singing sustain out of just one lead note. The string clarity and a high gain setting is worth the price alone. I absolutely love hitting a basic E chord on this amp. Hitting the low E string open and then the high E and B strings together is so sweet. Gain with clarity, you can not beat it. We do mostly Classic Rock and Blues Rock, but also Country and current rock when needed. This amp will cover all bases. The amazing thing to me is how quiet this amp is, even at higher volumes. This amp has the least background noise I have ever NOT heard.
Ease of Use:
The Reverb-O-Sonic is easy to use. No modeling programming crap here. Don't need it, it's got THE tone. Each channel does have it's own volume and master, which you will get down in minutes at most, many tube amps have just one master, which I think limits the use of a 2 channel amp, because the clean channel on other amp is always louder than the crunch/gain channel. Not with this amp, it has separate controls.
This amp is built tough. The wiring is neat and clean, not cluttered spaghetti like most commercial tube amps. Plywood cabinet with heavy duty corners and speaker grille. I do believe this amp will last a long time. Being electronic, parts can go out at any time, but Soldano uses heavy duty parts with excellent soldering and wiring procedures. This amp is made to gig with, and that is precisely what I am goona do. This bad boy is gonna get road miles.