Sibelius G7 Kontakt Edition


Platforms Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.1/9.2/10.1.5, IMac/G3/G4/G5
Description Music notation and tablature software customized for guitarists; a somewhat stripped down and modified version of Sibelius' more expensive, full-featured product, for far less money.
Posted By Mark Buettemeier (48)
Directory Software: Tab/Notation
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On 9/13/2006, Mark Buettemeier (48) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall this product greatly exceeded my expectations. I have successfully used it to notate numerous pieces and often use it to transpose songs or to convert from standard notation to tablature. Very cool! Though not as featureful as Sibelius' mainstream notation software this product is well worth the price I paid and can often be found for even less. PC users (like me) may find the user interface a bit constrictive and counter intuitive but I still rate it an 'Excellent' overall!!
Price: $150.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
Suitable for intermediate guitarists
This is a modified version of Sibelius' full-featured and much more expensive notation software. G7 is customized for guitars and features both notation and tablature formats (both in same piece if desired) plus chord symbols, accompaniment notation and lyrics. Music can be played through your MIDI device or through the supplied Kontakt sampled sounds player. It will even interpret your tempo and dynamic markings as it plays. How cool is that! The product certainly had far more features than I expected and I have used it to notate songs for my small group; guitars, piano and vocal parts.
Ease of Use:
I admit, I'm a PC user and this software, like much music software, was originally authored on Macs. Thus, it is rather mac-like and that means that it does not do a good job of utilizing the Windows user interface. Things like right-clicking and scrolling are just 'different' and take some getting used to. If you're a Mac user you'll probably settle into this interface much faster.