Cort Kx1f

Electric Guitar

Made by Cort

Description One piece black on back side red wash grain effekt on front mightymite pickups mother of pearl fret inlay gun metal grey nobs and bridge
Posted By Aaron Cunneen (18)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 9/9/2006, Aaron Cunneen (18) posted:
Overall Rating:
Looked at some les paul , fender , strat and warlock this seemed good because it sounds great feels just as good a few nice fetures like the fret inlay which make it really stand out feels like its put together quite well
Model Year: 2005
Price: $700.00 au $ (new)
Where Obtained: gregorys music victoria
Made in korea not sure about the neck material 24 frets nice inlay 6 string 1vol 2 base treble functions on 1 nob 3 pickup settings 4 pickups in sets on two (oo oo) not sure dont think so mightymite glazed cherry red colour that looks like ripples double cut away shape for easy access to all 24 frets bridge style is slim and continues tidy thru body gun metal gray nonlock tuners appear quite standard
Quite a bit easyer to play than my fender strat good solid feel with rich amounts of sound eaven without amp small amount of imperfection on top side of neck otherwise near perfict paint job verry smooth & no fret buzz so far cant say its the best cause i dont know what the best is
Sound Quality:
In cojunction with this i use a 75 watt line six amp sounds fine when cranked up usualy alternative rock and heavy metal also sounds real clean and rich sounds better than my older strat one mod considered was on off switch like rage against machine no strange rattle sounds anywhere on or in guitar would suit studio better because although sounds great it does have a bit of weight
Quite relyable owned it for 1/2 years and hasnt missed beat probably re-tune once every 1-2 months strap hooks are real sturdy not eaven a twist from summer to winter it was tuned about 4 times does appear stiff in cold but its ok