Electric 6-String Guitar

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Description Kelly hayes signature (even tho i cant say ive heard much of his music) same as the EC-500 except it has a maple neck, EMG HZ H4 pickups and spider inlays
Posted By Daniel Dennis (8)
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Member Reviews

On 9/7/2006, Daniel Dennis (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Not many i play this i liked it i bought it yeh probably even tho they dont make it any more better hardware, smoother neck heel, neck thru maybe favourite aspect the neck, worst aspect the heel not really
Price: $1000.00 $AUS
Where Obtained:
Korea mahogany body, maple set neck, rosewood fingerboard 24frets, 6 strings 1 vol, 1 tone, 3 way switch H/H pasive EMG HZ H4 pickups matte black ESP Eclipse (Les Paul) Tune-O-Matic with strings thru the body generic ESP
Good low action the neck is great for me not to big but not waffer thin its still a korean axe but its good for a korea had a few chips n scratches when i got it, has sum more now
Sound Quality:
Line6 spider 212 (the original spider) and a boss pw-10 wah metal, progessive, jazz at times it fit most things well it should do most styles sounds dark verging into warm teritory its goodcompared to other guitars i can afford its wat i play for a reason i plan to over haul the hardware and electrics not really its pretty low noise havent used it in the studio much
It takes a beating stays adjusted pretty well altho it needs to be done at the moment the hardware might die soon but the construction of the guitar is quite good it doesnt move to much