Atomic Atomic Reactor 112

18W Power Amp (1 x 1")

Made by Atomic

Description This is a power amp only, that has been designed to work with digital modeling technology
Posted By Todd Yarbrough (1069)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 8/28/2006, Todd Yarbrough (1069) posted:
Overall Rating:
I did all kinds of research before purchasing this amp. When you have a modeler, the last thing you want to do is buy a guitar amp. Guitar amps are biased for guitars and they tend to color the signal like that specific manufacture want's it to sound. Why would I play a modeled 59 Marshal stack through a Fender Hot Rod Deville? With that said what you should be looking for with a modeler, is a Full Range, Flat Frequency Resonse amp, ie. a keyboard amp, or PA system. I looked at Keyboard amps, and all the amps I looked at were solid state. I did not want to got that route, I was determined to find a tube amp to fit my needs. That's when I discovered Atomic amps. The kicker is Harry Kolbe designed this amplifier to create a marriage between digital technology and tube technology. If you have any questions about who Harry Kolbe is, I bet your favorite guitarist has had an amp modified by him. Google him I promise you find out some interesting information on him. I also recommend going to the Atomic web site at It is a very simple website but has some facinating information about the amp.
Price: $499.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sound Vibrations Corpus Christi, Texas
This amp has no "features" per se! Not a knob on the thing, as a conventional amp would have. It does have a docking station on the top of the amp. Atomic makes 4 templates currently. One for each of the following modelers, the POD, the POD XT, Behringers Vamp, and the VOX Tone lab. The adapter/template has all the connections for hooking up the modeler, to include power for the modeler itself. If you are using the floor type or rack mount you just plug into the effect return on the back of the amp.
This is a tube amp with 2 JJ brand EL84s, and one 12AX7A.
Sound Quality:
I am playing a Ibanez JS1200 through a BOSS GT8, and although I have only had it for a couple of weeks and not had much time to play (work) this amp is just awesome. I have yet to drive the amp into saturation, the danged thing is loud! Tube power ratings and transistor power ratings are two totally different things. I would be willing to bet this little 18 watt amp could hang with a 40-60 watt transisitor amp any day of the week! It is loud enough to gig with in a small/bar situration. Larger venues you would need to mic it up obviously! The amp has a very pristine sound to it. I can send it into feedback and the harmonics are like nothing I have ever heard, just lush, rich harmonic content. I have yet to play out with it, but I am sure I can "hang" with what ever is going on around me for sure.
Ease of Use:
LOL plug it in to a wall outlet, and plug in your modeler and your off!
It seems pretty sturdy, and it is heavy as all get out. The web site says it weights 42.5 pounds, and it is every bit of that. According to the President Tom King, the amp needs to have the tubes changed out once a year, along with rebiasing. (I sent him an Email while doing research about that very topic and he responded the same day! Great customer service!)