The Heart Of Things

by John McLaughlin

(1997) Verve #539 153-2

Description The John McLaughlin Band live in Paris.
Posted By Ryan Sequeira (7665)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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On 8/6/2006, Ryan Sequeira (7665) posted:
Overall Rating:
John McLaughlin and his band of zany jazzers is a bit of an acquired taste. Sounding almost excessively complicated at times, The Heart Of Things is a study in Jazz fusion, and showcases the talents of every musician in the band. Stellar production lends a fresh vibe to the music which gnaws through the course of an entire concert. Weaving in and out of complex moods, often dark and foreboding, but not without the more upbeat jazz moods, this album takes a little getting used to especially for its ability to cross so many musical styles albeit in a very subtle and extremely passionate way.