Samick Greg Bennet Signature Royale (RL2)

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Samick

Description Cherry red woodgrain semi-acoustic Jazz shape, single cutaway, bound arched top Mahogany set neck Rosewood fingerboard Grover tuners 2 humbuckers Stop tail piece adjustable bridge
Posted By Blues Tube (207)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 8/3/2006, Blues Tube (207) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at various, more expensive guitars, in particular a Cort Yorktown. This one is not quite that nice, but much better value for money at the low price.

I like the cherry woodgrain colour best. I might wish it was more 'acoustic', but I'll probably, eventually buy a big jazz box for that sound.
Price: $275.00 Australian
Where Obtained: private sale
Made in Korea I assume, Asia anyway Nato wood body (monoframe construction), mahogany neck 22 frets, 6 strings 2 volume, 2 tone controls, 3 way switch 2 chrome humbuckers, passive electronics Cherry red wood stain Single cutaway, thin, jazz style Stop tail piece with adjustable bridge Grover tuners
Easily adjusted to nice low action. Neck feels good, not too thin, not too thick Finish is perfect. Very well made. Even the f-holes are bound.
Sound Quality:
I use it with a Fender Deluxe copy amp. Sometimes with an external box for reverb. I play rock/blues/jazz. It has a nice smooth Jazzy sound on the neck pickup, or with both mixed in -good sustain and good bass. I find the bridge pickup to be a little harsh on it's own. No hum, very quiet. I might put better pickups in later, maybe not. The next model up, the RL3 has Duncan designed humbuckers. Don't know how different they'd sound.
It seems to be very solid. I'd have no problems using it live.