Peavey Ultra 112 Combo

60W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Peavey

Description 3 Channel combo with one 12" speaker. Goes from clean to ultra mean in tone. All tube roadworthy amp for many styles of music.
Posted By Randy Combs (6529)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 7/30/2006, Randy Combs (6529) posted:
Overall Rating:
I got this amp to suit my high gain needs, and it has not disappointed me. Once making the changes I made, the amp is absolutely killer. For years I wanted a Soldano, but the price is out of reach for me. With this Ultra I am darn close, close enough for me. I almost sold this amp recently, but decided against, and I am glad I did.
Model Year: 1997
Price: $249.00
Where Obtained: ebay
Three channels footswitchable with a good reverb, an effects loop and all channels have their own volume and gain, clean has it's own Treble, Bass and Mid, while channels 2 & 3 share these, giving you a wide variety of tones available. It has 2 6L6 power tubes and 4 12AX7 preamp tubes, which are accessible thru a back plate, they are mounted to the PCB board inside the amp.
Sound Quality:
If you want a smooth high gain, this is your amp. It has a Soldano type distortion. With single coils it does well but it really shines with a pair of good humbuckers. I changed all the tubes to NOS Mullard and Tungsram tubes and put an Eminence Black Powder 12" Speaker in it and this amp ROCKS HARD, and the cleans are much better now. I can use this amp on a Country/Southern Rock gig, or New Heavy Rock gig. The clean breaks up just little when turned loud, which I don't get to do very often, as I mic my amps every show, let the PA do the work and sound levels are appropriate that way.
Ease of Use:
There are alot of knobs on this amp, being 3 channel. So there are alot of tonal variations to be had. It takes a bit to get used to, but once you do it's a breeze.
This amp is built to rock, on the road or gigging steady. With good NOS tubes you'll be good to go for quite awhile. Preamp tubes will last a very long time and power tubes about every 2 years. I don't worry because I have a really good B&K tube tester and I test my tubes every few months. It is very sturdy built, if Peavey has one thing, it's their reputation for building the most durable amps built.