Gibson Duo Medalist

30W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Gibson

Description Vintage tube amp guitar made in the late 60's. Two channels one clean and the other has tremolo and reverb. 12" speaker. The tubes are 3 6EU7, 2 12AU7, 1 12AX7, 2 7591.
Posted By Chris Bontrager (535)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 7/10/2006, Chris Bontrager (535) posted:
Overall Rating:
Amazing vintage tube amp. I just love this amp. I am lucky enough to get this amp and a Gibson 4/10 medalist which is nearly identical to this amp just more power and larger. I use both amps for live gigs depending on the size of the venue. The only thing I wish this amp had was a presence switch and a knob for the mids like my 4/10 does. If this amp were stolen I would try desperately to find another one which may be hard to d since they are becoming more and more popular. This amp has vintage fenderish quailities without the huge price tag. You should be able to snag one of these (when they are for sale) for about $200-$400 depending on the condition.
Where Obtained: Trade
I features two channels, one Normal with Volume, Treble and Bass knobs. The Reverb channel also contains Volume, Treble and Bass knob but also contains a Reverb knob and Depth and Speed for Tremolo. I does not have the ability to switch channels, you just plug into the channel that you want. I has roughly 30 watts that powers a single 12" speaker. This amp also features a speaker output which in nice to have. This amp is a tube amp with some tubes that are harder and more expensive to find.
Sound Quality:
I use my Fender American Deluxe Telecaster through it and it is incredible. The tone coming through this amp is so sweet. I would dare compare it to any old Fender Reverb amp from the same era. I use several different effects pedals through this amp, but it almost doesn't need them. I play mostly Rock/Blues so this amp works very well with my sound. I guess it would work for a lot of other styles, except for maybe some heavier stuff like metal. As with any tube amp it has it's share of noises, but it does not affect its sound. I stays clean almost all the way up depending on what type of speaker you have in it. It will dirty up a little all the way up. I use a modded tube screamer for my overdriven sound so I really don't want it to distort too much.
Ease of Use:
Very simple to use, although it does take some tweaking to get the sound that you want. There are no special features so that makes it easier to use.
This amp was made to withstand abuse, although it receives very little from me. It is made from very heavy wood which makes it a pain to move around. Since it has survived almost 40 years already I would say it is very durable. I haven't had to mess with the tubes yet, mostly due to the lack of money. I use this amp as one of my live gig amps.