Yamaha FG160

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description Dreadnought body style,sprucetop,natural color,rosewood neck.
Posted By Eddie Cuellar (19)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 7/3/2006, Eddie Cuellar (19) posted:
Overall Rating:
My buddy Lawrence picked her out,back around 1992.He was the experienced muscian friend.I could never replace this old guitar,I would be heartbroken if anything happened to her.We`ve been down that long road together.Amen!
Price: $229.00
Where Obtained: southside pawn shop
Made in taiwan,mahogany body,20 frets,6 string acoustic, yamaha metal tuners.
Prefer to use Martin med.lite steel strings,Dunlap med.lite pick,tuned down halfstep std.tuning.I like the low-end sound for strumming and high side is great with capo(std.tuning)on 1st.2nd.,or4th.fingerpicking. The 1st.and 2nd. fret have fingernail grooves that can get in the way sometimes and the 3rd string (G-note)doesnt stay dead center,like the other strings.
Sound Quality:
I use a Peavey Ecoustic 112 amp,with a Seymor Duncan pick-up that attaches to the sound hole and Peavey mike W/stand. I use a Casio keyboard plugged into a Peavey Backstage 10w amp for drum beat/sound effects.Plus I`ll use Hohner bluesharp/s W/neckbrace when needed.My Yamaha acoustic has a nice full sound suited for the music I like (Neil Young,Dylan,Eric Clapton,The Beatles,The Eagles,Cat Stevens,etc...)and I don`t know about the stage or studio, but it sounds great outdoors. I`ve tried other guitars in my price range, but don`t like the highs.I do like 12 string sound, but I would probably go with AcNylon.I want to play those 12Bar Blues.Learn some slide and stomp my feet to the beat.
It`s suited to the way I use it.It`s been in for a check-up twice (Alamo Music)and once in El Paso,Tx. Because of the dryness,she would sound like the old wood floor in grandma`s house.Fella I worked with at the time, had the same problem with the Hummingbird his Grandfather gave him.Offered him 50 bucks, but he turned me down.Anyway, the humidity back home in San Antonio brought her back to life.Frank(T-Rex) is probably glad he held on to his guitar,too.