Carvin DC 127T

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Carvin

Description 24 fret ebony finger board, vinage sunburt wilkisons floating tremolo, locking sperzel tuners.
Posted By Ray Magdaleno (52)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 7/5/2006, Ray Magdaleno (52) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great guitar, I,m happy to own one, smoothes heel neck I've found on a guitar, but again all is relitive here, 10 day trial go to
Price: $650.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Carvin Showroom in L.A.
U.S. Made, All parts are Carvin made parts in their San Diego factory. They are an online custom shop, I also own a frettless six string bass from them, also ebony finger board. It is standard on their instruments unless specified. My guitar has dual humbuckers, single coil/double coil switches front & Back, Phase switch (I think?), active/passive push/pull, single double coil swicthes, 3 selection toggle swicth, 2 band Bass/Treble boost/cut, tone knob when in passive mode, 2 octave neck thru, also washes dishes!
Well I enjoy playing this guitar very much,& guitarist who useally don't like Carvins, like this guitar when ever they play it. I do enjoy picking up a strat or LP from time to time. Neck can be a little cramp @ first, but remember, my first instrument is bass. Only prob with Carvins is that they can be very noisy as far as swicthes & jack plugs. Sealed pots would be nice, but great instrument @ this price range.
Sound Quality:
I use my guitar mainly for recording through my old Roland VS-840EX 8track, other than that I us an old Fender Bassman 20 combo w/an old DOD TEC4X multi efx processor. Very loud, very versitale, my old guitarist used it live through his Mashall JCM half stack & dug it.
It does very well live, the nut stots are cut just for Carvin strings, if you like HEAVY gauges like I do, thats somethimg you need to alternate.