Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse

Description Name any note - BY EAR! Sing any desired note at will. The #1 best selling ear training method for 25 years. The only method proven at two leading universities. For all musicians: beginner, advanced, and pro.
Posted By Laura Miller (18)
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On 6/27/2006, Laura Miller (18) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have already come across situations with others who were strict believers that Perfect Pitch cannot be learned. I've been able to prove them wrong every time. It is a privilege to share this information with others and even more of a sight to watch my students developing Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch themselves. I now believe, more than I had before, that our progress is endless and our potential is limitless.
Price: $139.00 (new)
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The CDs will work on any CD player or CD drive of your computer.
Ease of Use:
Some of the drills are easy, some are more difficult and take more time. It all depends on your current level of awareness.