by Sevendust

Description A great hard rock album from the best in the genre, Sevendust.
Posted By Steven Hopkins (232)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 6/26/2006, Steven Hopkins (232) posted:
Overall Rating:
Are you a fan of hard rock? If so, this is album is a must. Sevendust is one of the best hard rock bands out there, and Animosity is my favorite work of theirs. Lots of the songs are very catchy and will require multiple listens to satisfy. Some of my favorites off this album: T--- on a Boar, Praise, Crucified, and Redefine. Overall, the album is pretty heavy and powerful, yet it is done very musically. There isn't any exceptional guitar playing, but the musicianship is still very evident. This gets a lot of play time in my car, because it is great to listen to while driving. It is definitely one of my favorite CDs. Period.