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Description The Guitar Hangar features some of the best of the Boutique and High end guitars available. We carry Suhr, Charvel, G&L, Bill Nash, Dean, ESP, Parker, McNaught, Babicz, Breedlove, Grosh, Lakeland, Holfner, and used guitars from just about everyone else.
Posted By Rick Tedesco (28)
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On 7/20/2006, Chris Bontrager (535) posted:
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There are some sweet guitars on this website. This site doesn't just have a couple of guitars for sell, it has a lot of them. I would say that if you are in the market for a guitar or amp, I would check this site out first. Lots of pictures as well.
On 5/18/2006, Rick Tedesco (28) posted:
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The Guitar Hangar was founded in October of 1999. After running a large music store for a number of years it occurred to me, "Hey, why am I killing myself to make someone else successful?" Thus the Hangar was born! Anyone who has ever dealt with me knows that I have an intense desire to succeed and an equally intense desire to deal with the very best instruments available! I will personally follow through with each and every order to insure it is being handled correctly. If you give me the opportunity to work with you, you will find that I am willing to go the extra mile in every case to insure your complete satisfaction with each and every purchase you make here at The Guitar Hangar. I want your repeat business!! You have my word on it.

Unlike other Music stores that promise the world and come up short, at The Guitar Hangar, the customer is always right!! Take a look at our TESTIMONIALS page for some real quotes that were e-mailed to us from our customers. There is nothing as satisfying as a happy customer!! ( well this may be a slight embellishment but I'm trying!! )