dbx 1046

Single-Effect Rack Unit

Made by dbx

Description 4 channel compressor
Posted By Bill North (12505)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 5/6/2006, Bill North (12505) posted:
Overall Rating:
4 quality channels of hardware analog compression in a 1U rackmount format.
Model Year: 2003
Price: $450.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sweetwater
4 discreet channels of Threshhold, Comprssion Ratio, Gain and Peak/Limiter. Solid state Class A circuitry with integral AC power supply.
Sound Quality:
I use this after my preamps in the recording chain to prevent overdiving the AD's and control the dynamic texture of the recording. It operates whisper quiet and does not add circuit coloration. I also use it as an additional gain stage when I use ribbon mics.
Ease of Use:
Straightforward controls makke operation easy and intuitive. I wish it had sideband compression trigger so I could use it for "ducking" but it's fine for 99% of applications for me.