Ovation Glenn Campbell - 6-String

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Ovation

Description Made in 1970,the Glenn Campbell I own is only acoustic without pickup,the sound is powerful and very clear.I guess it belongs already to the category of "guitar for collectors".A true gem!
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Member Reviews

On 4/23/2006, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
When Ovation started production in 67/68 the quality was excellent compared to other periods.The body of this guitar is not deep bowl,therefore the sound projects with great power.
Model Year: 1970
Price: $80.00
Where Obtained: American guitarist
Made in USA.6-Strings.No electronics.
Very good action.The neck doesn`t affect my playng.No flaws.
Sound Quality:
I play flat-picking on it(the same as Glenn Campbell). Very good for stage and studio.
This guitar was made in 1970 and it never failed untill today.I played this guitar in streets,so climate changes never affected it.