Live At Rockpalast

by Joe Bonamassa

(2006) Premier Artists

Description Mind bendin' bluz licks...
Posted By Edd Robins (6260)
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On 4/22/2006, Edd Robins (6260) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is for sure one of the better dvd's in my little collection. It's one thing listenin' to Joe rip of a cluster of notes, but watchin' him do it is much, much better. I think most of us bluz guys on WN are familiar with Bonamassa. If ya like his licks, you'll love this dvd. If ya don't like him and are reading this review anyway...this performance might change your mind.

This is a concert filmed in Geermany in '05. Hard to pick a fave tune on it. Every last one of 'em is cool. Great camera work and audio. I highly recommend this dvd, and I'm gonna rate it 5.