Live At Ioannina

by Ioannis Anastassakis

(2004) Wild Rose Angel Productions

Description Really enjoyed this CD. Top-notch playing & a fair selection of different flamenco forms & styles.The recording starts traditionally and, gradually both the compositions & playing become more modern!Great phrasing & excellent touch.
Posted By Ioannis Thomopoulos (9)
Directory Recordings: Flamenco
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On 4/20/2006, Ioannis Thomopoulos (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
PROS: Professional playing technique, great phrasing & excellent touch; Musically, I could not ask for anything more! Good selection of different flamenco styles. Very well designed packaging!

CONS: Well, the recording is not of audiophile quality, since it was recorded live. I would have also liked to see a video clip of the artist included in the CD