Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description 24 frets XJ, 2 humbucking pickups, master volume and master tone knobs, 3 way toggle switch, black satin finish, X body shape i think. model name imprinted in 12th fret, black die-cast tuners, tune-o-matic bridge with string-thru body.
Posted By David Benoit (37)
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On 4/9/2006, David Benoit (37) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a Les Paul Custom, a Korina Explorer, an ES Hollowbody, and some Les Pauls and SGs, I chose this one because I like how it sounds distorted and i can play it well.

Yes I would buy it again if it were lost or stolen.

It could have better pickups and more tone and volume options.

I like how it sounds when in distortion. The plate covering the electronics is really hard to get off.

I wouldn't get this guitar for big proffesional usage and purposes, but it would make a good guitar to practice with and to get if you are really starting to progress.
Price: $250.00
Where Obtained: Tune Town music gear
Made in Indonesia. Agathis body. Rosewood fingerboard. Maple neck. 24 fret XJ, if the size isn't what you are looking for then i'm not sure. 6 strings. Master volume, 3-way toggle switch, master tone. 2 pickups, H/H. Passive electronics. Black satin. Bolt-on construction, if that's not what you mean, it is double-cutaway, the sides cut in, and the back cuts in. String-thru body. Non-locking ESP tuners. (for the rating, it is the rating for how i think it is, other people probably would rate it differently)
I can get my preferred action, it is not real lose, if it is the strings are hard to control and you get a buzz, but not real tight, it makes it a pain to play fast music while making the notes clear. The neck doesn't really effect my playing in a bad way.The neck is thin which makes it easier to play fast, but it isn't thin to the point where if you bend the headstock to raise or lower the pitch the neck snaps off. I think it plays better than alot of guitars, but it also plays not as good as other guitars, in the middle i guess. I'm sure that this guitar would be flawed for some guitarists who have specific needs, but for me, it works fine.
Sound Quality:
I don't have any effects yet, but I use the only amp I have, its a Marshall MG series, its a really cheap amp, but I can't afford anything else. I play classic rock and metal, the guitar works well for the metal, and as for the classic rock, it's ok. I'm sure it would work for pretty much for alot of different rock styles. It has a naturally deep tone to it. If you play it on a clean channel it isn't the best. The tone is not just deep, it is a full deep sound, and in some tunings it sounds dark. Compared to other guitars, it is better, but also not as good. It sounds nice with heavy distortion though. I'm thinking about replacing the pickups. If you have the volume 1-5 on your amp and you are playing close to your amp, you should be okay. But if you have the volume on your amp 6-10 and are playing close to your amp, there is alot of noise. That also depends on your settings to. I think it would be good on stage because it is easily replacable because of the cost. But something with better sound would probably work better. It wouldn't be bad in studio.
I think it would be reliable enough for steady live performances. I have only needed it adjusted once, and even that was just a slight adjusment. The hardware, strap locks, controls and all those things are holding up very nicely, I have only had to put a fallen off knob on once. I don't know how well it does.