Behringer GMX212

220W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Behringer

Description Well this has everything you need, 2 channels, built in effects, a foot pedal and lots of hook ups for recording MIDI style or connecting external speakers or cabs. It even has CD connections for CD players.
Posted By Jason Dycus (36)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 3/30/2006, Jason Dycus (36) posted:
Overall Rating:
This amp would be better if it did not squeal or distort(Not in the Normal Fashion) when you crank it to 11. My favorite thing about it though is the low level sound and effects you get out of it. Also the fact that it has so many hookups for pretty much everything.
Model Year: 2005
Price: $400.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
2 Channels, Each consisting of a Level/Volume, A Drive/Distortion, Low, Mid, High. Also its own built in Digital Tuner and Digital effects up to 99 Preset sounds. I do not think it would be good for on stage or band practice, with the whole ensemble. You would need to buy an extra Behringer 4 x 12 Cab.
Sound Quality:
I use mainly Jackson Guitars, also have a New York Pro. This amp will fit any style you put into it. I mainly play my own style of metal, but I also like to play the classic rock blues style of guitar also. As far as Compatibility or Versatality with other Amps this is the Best for Home Practice or Recording. I would recommend the New Crate 350 Watter half stack, I forgot the model but it definitely Growls.
Ease of Use:
Yes this Amp os Programmable and its fairly easy to use, just put it on the preset number you would like to change and turn the effect dial clockwise or CCW (Counter Clockwise), then hold in the effect button for a couple of seconds, watching the led blink then let go your done.
Wouldnt recommend it for live playing, you definitley need a rack system and at least 1 half stack for that. It does have Heavy Duty construction, I do not know what it is made out of but man it is pretty heavy.