Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description Strat-style body, double humbuckers, beautiful sound
Posted By Joseph Culbertson (20)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 3/14/2006, Joseph Culbertson (20) posted:
Overall Rating:
Fender, not a big fan of Fender in a heartbeat signatures from my favorite bands the weight, no whammy bar(NT) well worth playing
Made in Indonesia Mahogany? 24, aluminum, 6 strings volume, tone, 3-way selection 2,H/H passive EMG-HZ Antique Brown-burst on Quilt neck-thru body fixed-bridge non-locking
Totally, a friend who refered this site loves the fact that he can't squeel on it...only me! fixed it just for me the neck is ideal for rythm styles on seldom occasions, I play as many guitars as I can and still at the end of the day I show my guitar the love I didn't show the other guitars none right off hand
Sound Quality:
Crate, amp distortion, maybe some phaser or reverb mostly metal, fits like a glove just about any other style is worth playing on it I've been able to get just about any kind of sound out of it the diversity is great better than alot of others it's fine the way it is only with high gain and no noise gate(I love EMG's!) couldn't say, no experience with either yet
Answer for all, rock solid craftsmanship even the paint!