Fender 1985/6 MIJap. Telecaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Standard Tele. Butterscotch Color, Alder Body, MAple neck/fretboard. Standard Bridge-non thru body.
Posted By Rod Lowe (33)
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On 3/10/2006, Rod Lowe (33) posted:
Overall Rating:
Tried a heap of guitars back in about '90-91 when I bought it- then they were ALL into Floyd Rose trems & thes damm locks on the nut-now I know I'm old school, but what happens when U break a string? Thats what I thought then & still do! Tried Washburn, Yamaha,Ibanez- ralised I just wanted a plain old elec Guitar-like the one I saw James Burton played, or Jimmy Page, none of these "new" contraptions- & BOY am I glad I god a Fender Telecaster- it sings, sounds sweet, chunky, smooth, rough- U name it , it'll do it-within reason-guys!
Price: $500.00 Aust
Where Obtained: 2nd hand
Made in JApan 85/86 Tele. STANDARD IN ALL ASPECTS OF A EARLY STYLE TELE but no string thru body! DARN IT! Pups are single coil bridge, lipstick in neck pos. 3 way selector switch, vol, tone knobs. Alder body, maple neck & fretboard. Grover tuners, All passive!!!
HAve NEVER had to worry about setting this baby up, she's been purrfect since I got her- just a slight adjust if I change string guage. Plays really well.
Sound Quality:
Use it with My Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w tube amp- sounds LUVLY!!!!!! One pup went micropnonic the other day & -lazy me- I couldnt be bothered repotting so I just bought some fender Vintage Tele pups for her & Man o Man does she sound the goods now- even better than before!!!!! Plays country like it was made for it(prob. was!)rock-beautiful, funk-lovely, punk-grate! All styles it handles well-just tweak the pup selector & tone knob & woo hoo!!!!!
Had it for 15 or more years, & admittedly it hasnt done a heap of work in that time, but its built like a brick outhouse(Australian for STRONG!!!) Never needs adjusting, stays in tune, handle cold & hot weather. What more can I say!