Elixir Nanoweb

Made by Elixir

Description Plain steel guitar strings. Coated with a thin poly-substance with air pockets in between winding wraps to preserve tone
Posted By Travis McNeely (757)
Directory Equipment: Strings
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On 2/7/2006, Travis McNeely (757) posted:
Overall Rating:
Like I said, I've used GHS BOOMERS and D'Addario XL's. The only way these strings could be better is if the coating was a little more durrable around the picking area, even though such a wish is inpractical. I do love the long life and life-long tone of these strings. They last 3-5 times as long as a normal set, so they're worth the extra money. buy them. play them.
Price: $15.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Marion Music
I use Elixir 10-46's (.010, .013, .017, .o26, .036, .046). These are plain steel stringssealed with a patented NANOWEB coating to prevent corrosion from invading the strings critical zone of tone.
Sound Quality:
I run these across the likes of my Jackson Dinky through various quality amplifiers. The huge resonation and crunchy tone make these perfect for metal lead and rhythym parts, and they provide beautiful brilliancy for blues playing. I used to use D'addario XL's and GHS Boomers, but they suck compared to these....
These strings sound like brand new 'til the day they bust, thanks to the coating. I usually play about 3 hours every day and I only have to switch up about ONCE A MONTH!!! Yea, thats right. thats 93 hours of playing by one of the burliest metal heads south of the mason-dixon. Excellent strings indeed.