Monterey MAB-14 BASS

Electric Guitar

Made by Monterey

Description It is a neck through full length fretboard (maple neck and body). 2 active humbucker/soap-bar pickups. 4-EQ (volume, bass/treble/sustain/sensitivity). 1 heck of a good bass if you want value for money.
Posted By Ben Hazu (67)
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On 1/30/2006, Ben Hazu (67) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was looking the the magazines and adds etc etc. It eventually came down to the Monterey or the Washburn. In the end I had to get he Monterey. This Bass is exceptional quality for an fairly reasonable price. Compared to how much bass guitars used to cost. It is excellent for studio and live performances. If this guitar was stolen I would get another one for sure. This guitar would be alot better if it had a tremello bar/pad on it. :)
Where Obtained: Cranbourne Music - Melbourne
The parts are australian made, however it is assembled in china and korea. The neck and body is made of maple with a nice gloss finish on it. Full length 25 fretboard. With 2 active pickups (battery opperated), with 4 EQ's. Volume, bass/treble, Sustain (to hold the note), and sensitivity (sweet). The neck it neckthru.
The action on this guitar is superb. THe only problem with it is that when you play on the 3 frets down near the tuners it is very hard to press down on. If you ever get tired of using fingers to play, just turn up the sensitivity and play with the hand thats on the neck! :)
Sound Quality:
The bass goes excellent with my Ibanez fuzz/wha pedal. It is also very good for the studio because you can turn the sensitivty and sustain down to stop it from echoing when recording. The sound is very full and livly due to the sustain and sensitivy dials. It is very good for Jazz and Blue as that I am in the school jazz band.
The guitar is great in terms of durability. I have accidentally dropped my bass more then 10 times and it hasnt got 1 single scratch on it!!! However the bass does have a problem with extreme heat (over 35'C). If it becomes to hot the strings will start to loosen, and you will have to re-tune. This happen for seldom though.