Epiphone Coronet

Electric Guitar

Made by Epiphone

Description Maple body and neck, very light rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, one single one humbucker from OBL and a very gold glitter colour.
Posted By Mike Smith (9737)
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On 1/27/2006, Mike Smith (9737) posted:
Overall Rating:
I wanted this one so didnt look for any others. got it as a collecters thing and im glad i did. if it were lost or stolen i would have real problem finding another one and i would be real angry if it was stolen.........but i could identify it due to the mods ive done.
Where Obtained: auction site
This is one of the last Coronets that comes from Korea. it is unusual in not only shape, but materials. i sent a full photo spread to Gibson USA who gave me all the details on this one. it is a maple body and neck with a very light coloured rosewood neck. its got the OBL pick ups on it, one vol one tone and a 3 way switch that lets you play one or the other or both pups. it has a tune o matic bridge and a very unusual looking headstock.
I have had this guitar adjust and repaired since purchase and it just blows me away with its playability. the neck on this thing is just as if i had it custom made. it is just as flat as can be and the profile is very thin and fits in the hand perfect.
Sound Quality:
I use a fender twin amp but it wouldnt matter what amp you played this through. because of its single coil and humbucker pups you can get any combinations of sound you like. it is as quite as a mouse and i have gigged this babe and people ask me what im playing. its just a nice guitar.
This thing is as stable as a concrete slab........doesnt go out of tune heat doesnt seem to effect it.......cant understand why they dont make them anymore.