Peavey Classic VT 2 X 12

120W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Peavey

Description Tube amp with 2 6L6's, built in phase shift. Great gigging amp. Gets a good variety of tones.
Posted By Randy Combs (6529)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 1/10/2006, Randy Combs (6529) posted:
Overall Rating:
Alot of Peavey knocking still goes on. I don't understand why because the do make some really good amps. No this amp is not the greatest amp ever, but it is a very versatile amp that does many tones really good, making it a very gig worthy amp. 2 x 12 with stock 8 ohm Scorpion speakers wired for a 4 ohm load, so the power is there with good sound coverage. It can do Country to Thrash Metal, seriously, you just gotta spend some time dialing it in. For Southern Rock, this is a great amp. Worth the $200 dollar range you can easily get one for.
Price: $150.00
Where Obtained: Lee at RS Guitarworks
This amp has power to spare. It's a 6L6 tube amp with a Solid State preamp, the same as a Peavey Mace, that LYNYRD SYNYRD used and uses and this amp nails that sound. No effects loop but it has a good reverb and a built in Phase Shifter. 2 channel amp w/ Hi and Lo inputs. Individual controls for each channel. You have to use the footswitch to change channels, which I don't like, because sometimes I don't have the room at some gigs for one. Each channel does have it's own PRE and POST Gains.
Sound Quality:
So far I have only used my Epi Elitist and Peavey Predator thru it. Both sound really good. The Predator is your basic Strat(a very good one at that) 3 single coils, and sounds clear and chimey. The Elitist with stock humbuckers shine thru this amp. Crunch and sustain. This amp has more gain than 98% of us will ever need. Great amp for Classic Rock and Country and drivin' Blues Rock. The clean channel gets crunchy past 5, but it's way loud by then. You can tailor the gain channel to your liking without a problem.
Ease of Use:
It's not a modeling amp, but it takes a while to get all the PRE, POST, SATURATION and normal BASS, TREBLE, and MID controls down pat. In fact after a month I still get a little confused.
Durability?? That would be an understatement here. This amp will last a long long time and it's already going on 30 years old. Heavy to carry around, but it is solid. The wiring inside is really pretty good and the tubes are shielded very well so you ain't gotta worry about them in transport from gig to gig. But I never let my power tubes go beyond 2 years. I would not worry about this amp going down any time soon.