Martin 0-18

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Martin

Description This is a small "orchestra" size with a mahogany back, sides and neck, a spruce top and ebony fingerboard. It has a light fret feel but plays better with medium strings.
Posted By Lochlin Page (38)
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Member Reviews

On 1/6/2006, Lochlin Page (38) posted:
Overall Rating:
I told my wife of 23 years if she every wakes up anr the guitar is gone, that means its over. I love this guitar!!!!
Model Year: 1968
Price: $160.00
Where Obtained: Traded from friend in 1968 for a surfboard
Made in Nazereth, PA. of course. This is vintage model owned by me for 37 years. This model has a mahogany neck, back and sides with a spruce top and ebony fingerboard. The tuners are the original open Grovers and have stood the test of time.
The action is light but sounds better with medium gage strings. The neck is not adjustable, but has stayed straight for 37 years. This proves the acceptability if the "I" beam Martin neck. It has some stress cracks in the top common to Martins this old. The cracks do nopt affect the tonality of this guitar. It plays better than any other guitar I've had. It feels like talking to an old and dear friend, which of course, it is!
Sound Quality:
The sound has improved over the years from good to excellent. The highs and midtones ring like a bell, the bass notes are not boomers because of the size of the body, but they are warm and fine. This is a fine studio guitar.
I have played this guitar in bars and open air stage. It has survived two bar fights during one of which five of the six strings were cut by the metal edge of a table that was knocked across the room! I'd say that is durability. No adjustments required.