VHT 2150

120W Power Amp

Made by VHT

Description A two channel power amplifier utilizing either KT88's or 6550 power tubes and a torrodial power transformer. Voicing circuits include depth and presence controls for each channel.
Posted By Theresa Dobbs (3289)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 1/4/2006, Theresa Dobbs (3289) posted:
Overall Rating:
Editting-Please come back soon.
Model Year: 1993
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: Private Sale
Editting-Please come back soon.
Sound Quality:
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This amplifier is extremely well designed and rigorously built. It appears to be able to withstand abuses and neglect (although not recommended) and the construction is such that requires very little maintenence and care. The (3) 12AX7's and (4) KT88's or 6550's require little if any attention. Durability is obivious in this amplifiers design.