Bose PS-1


Made by Bose

Description The basic amplifier is made up of three components that combine into a single unit with the unique Bose design and application. It is designed for maximum flexibility and incredible sound.
Posted By Paul Smith (1083)
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On 1/4/2006, Paul Smith (1083) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at small, one piece amplifiers that would have done what I needed for a lot less money, and then I saw this system. It is pricey, but when I considered the value - and the sound that it produces I simply could not go back to the uni-directional amp. The sound of this system is amazing. Imagine one amp for all you need for a solo, duet, or even trio group. No bass units required (although there are optional bass units for added bass response), no elaborate sound board, no need for monitors. Just plug in you mic, your guitar, the remote control and you are ready for your gig! And the whole thing comes in at 66 pounds! The base (35 lbs) and each speaker tower comes with a carrying case, so whether you want to make one, two or three trips to the car the whole thing is a breeze to move. No need for a sound man! You control the whole thing on stage! And you hear exactly what the audience hears, just when the audience hears it. Give this system a listen some time - it may change the way you look at amplification!
Model Year: 2005
Price: $1699.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
The power stand (base) has 4 channels for mics, instruments, plus 3 amp inputs and 3 amp outputs (if you do not want to use the cylindrical amps). Channels 1 and 2 have either xlr or 1/4" fittings, channels 3 and 4 are strictly 1/4" inputs. Channels 1 and 2 also have a TRS input for digital effects processors. Each channel has a "trim" level control on the base, and is further controlled by a remote control that allows you to control high, mid and low frequencies for channels 1 and 2 and the overall volume of all channels. There are two stackable speaker units, the top having 50 watts of power and the bottom having 250 watts of power. There is also the option of adding up to two bass units that would really rock the crowd, but for simple guitar and vocals all you need is the basic PS-1 unit. I wish I was a "technocrat" so I could really explain all this thing can do, but I have given the basics of what I know and can read from the manual. You really need to see and try this thing to understand all it can do for you.
Sound Quality:
I use the amplifier with my acoustic/electric guitars that have simple tranducers in the guitars, and then fed through a Fishman Platinum EQ/DI. The sound is simply incredible. Rather than being uni-directional this system has the patented Bose "surround" sound effect and it sounds like your guitar is being played on the whole stage, not just where you are standing. It is designed to be placed behind you, so that you hear exactly what the audience is hearing - no need for a monitor! The volume goes way beyond what I could ever use - my salesman said he uses his with a rock band and it is loud enough to hurt his ears - I'll take him at his word. With the four inputs it will take care of all I ever need - two instruments and two vocal mics, or any mixture thereof. If you have a larger band you could get two, or even one for each member.
Ease of Use:
As I said before, I am NOT a technocrat, and I had this thing up and running in about 45 minutes out of the box, and most of that was just unwinding all of my cords and getting the pieces out of the protective cases. It is simple beyond description - anyone with any sound experience at all would probably find it insulting. However, the capacity of the amp for inputs and other goodies makes it as versitile as anyone could need. Channels one and two have a number of presets some programed for microphones (the most common models) or some specific guitar manufacturers. Channels 3 and 4 (1/4" only) do not have any presets. On their website Bose says that they researched this project for over 10 years before they released it, so if there is an application that you need I am sure it is capable of handling it, or Bose could assist you in figuring out a solution!
Built like a tank. Really, this thing looks like you could use it for a battering ram. The base is made of hard plastic, the stackable speakers are well protected and all the components are pretty goof proof. The only consideration is that all stacked the thing is pretty tall - you would not want anyone hitting the top piece real hard. I honestly do not forsee any difficulties with it, however.