ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos: Guitarists and Rockers Get Moist for Charity

by Guitar World Staff
Posted Aug 26, 2014 at 11:15am

What if there were one place where you could tune in to see ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos by your favorite rockers, guitarists and music-biz hangers-on?

Dream no more!

Because there are new Ice Bucket Challenge videos being posted every day, we've decided to make one file out of them, updating it daily — or at least whenever something applicable or interesting comes along.

Right off the bat, below, you'll find videos by Jason Becker, Joe Satriani, Nita Strauss and the Alice Cooper Band, John Mayer, Foo Fighters, Ronnie Wood, Corey Talyor, Eddie Vedder, Geddy Lee and well, the list goes on. Hopefully!

For more about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (and to donate), visit

Let the videos begin! If you know of Ice Bucket Challenge videos by other artists, let us know about them in the comments below or on Facebook! That's what this is story is for.