Rise Against in-depth on new album, The Black Market

Posted Aug 22, 2014 at 7:30am
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Rise against

Chicago hardcore-types Rise Against have achieved what was once thought impossible for a political US punk band: mainstream success on their own terms.

Their recently-released seventh album, The Black Market, hit the top three on the Billboard charts (their third record to do so) and escalated them to a strata of punk band previously only occupied by more palatable types such as Green Day and The Offspring.

Led by frontman Tim McIlrath, who we'd describe as a 'meat and potatoes' guitarist, were the whole band not vegetarian, and bolstered (since 2008) by ex-GWAR/Hagfish man Zach Blair - a man "on a mission to prove there are great guitarists in punk" - this band have made a mockery of the idea that you have to compromise to succeed.

We spoke to Tim and Zach about their guitar advances on the record and keeping that famed moral compass on track...

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