Win a Seven-String Carvin Guitars TL70H Model in Kiesel Racing Green!

Posted Aug 17, 2014 at 4:23pm

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Enter now to win a seven-string guitar from Carvin Guitars! The guitar, a brand-new model TL70H, comes in a Kiesel Racing Green (KRG) finish!


Enter now to win a new seven-string guitar from Carvin Guitars!

The guitar, the ultra-cool TL70H, comes in a Kiesel Racing Green (KRG) finish.

From the company:

"Carvin's Custom Shop has taken one of our longest-running and most popular models, the TL60, and created a seven-string version, the TL70. Many customers have requested a more traditionally styled seven-string model, and the TL70 accomplishes this.

"The TL70 is loaded with standard features and options not available on similarly styled instruments. With hundreds of available options, you can build your TL70 exactly the way you want it and have an instrument you'll be proud to play and own for years to come. The TL70 is constructed to the highest possible standards of quality and playability by Carvin's Custom Shop in San Diego, California."

For more about the TL70, visit its page at Be sure to enter by September 15 (Open to U.S. and Canada only)!


All entries must be submitted by September 15, 2014. <p> <a href="/official_contest_rules">Official Rules and Regulations</a>
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