On the radar: Amber Run

Posted May 30, 2014 at 6:30am
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Much like, err, evolution, guitar playing takes all types. Will Jones – guitarist with Nottingham’s widescreen indie-types Amber Run – is an effects man.

“When I discovered reverb and delay, that changed the whole way I played,” he tells MusicRadar. “I realised I didn’t have to play scales as fast as possible... it’s more about the song’s sound, and the textures.”

Formed to serve childhood friend/rhythm man Joe Keogh’s cinematic songwriting, the band have signed with RCA and have an album in the can with Mike Crossey (Foals, Arctic Monkeys), due Autumn. “It really took off quickly for us,” admits Will. “But people respond to good songs, and they always will do. You won’t get anywhere if you’ve got bad songs. It’s quite basic advice, but it’s important.”

Panoramic, delay-laden anthems such as Heaven showcase their talents, and anyone that’s lost hours tweaking repeat settings will understand Will’s special bond with his Eventide Space and Strymon TimeLine pedals (complementing a Gretsch Power Jet and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe). This territory is ruled by The Edge, so it makes perfect sense when Will name-checks the beanie- bonced guitarist, and the likes of Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Rós, as major influences.

“I just can’t get enough of reverbs with 20-second decays,” enthuses Will. “I like it where you only have to play three notes in a song, and then you don’t have to do anything else!”

For more information visit the official Amber Run website, or connect with the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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