Boss DS-1X Distortion and OD-1X Overdrive Pedals — Review

by Chris Gill, Video by Paul Riario
Posted May 21, 2014 at 10:51am

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Since the late Seventies, thousands of guitarists have relied on a dependable pair of orange and yellow Boss stomp boxes known respectively as the DS-1 Distortion and OD-1 Overdrive.

The DS-1 is so popular that Boss still manufactures it, a full 35 years after its introduction in 1979. The OD-1 was one of the three very first pedals to feature Boss's compact design, which endures as an industry standard to this day. The OD-1 itself, however, lasted only from 1978 through 1985 before Boss replaced it with the OD-2 Turbo Overdrive.

The new Boss DS-1X and OD-1X pedals are not reproductions of the original DS-1 and OD-1 but rather entirely new distortion and overdrive pedals that take advantage of modern technology to provide essential, everyday staple tones just like their namesake predecessors.

These pedals have their own distinct sonic character, and with their low-noise performance, dynamic response and tonal versatility, they are significantly expanded versions of two of the most beloved compact pedals of all time.