Hank3 picks 10 essential country artists

Posted May 20, 2014 at 10:40am
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Shelton Hank Williams, better known as Hank Williams III – or Hank3, as he prefers to be addressed – is a direct descendant of country music royalty. But like his legendary grandfather and his celebrated father, Hank Williams Jr., he has always explored different genres and subgenres of the sounds his family popularized.

"If you really look at all the Hanks, none of them were full country," Hank3 says. "Hank Sr. might have been the king of country, but he was playing rock 'n' roll before anybody else. And look at his Luke The Drifter stuff: That music was so sad and depressing, they couldn't get it on a jukebox, so that's why he started going by another name."

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