20 of the best middle eights of all time

Posted Mar 21, 2014 at 1:05pm
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Some people don't get the point of middle eights. To them, they're just needless extra sections that have been shoved into songs for the sake of it, there only to tick a songwriting box and provide a not-needed break from the verses and choruses.

But while it's true that that some middle eights have the strong whiff of a 'will this do?' mentality and could easily be dispensed with, others are essential elements of the songs they come from. They not only sound great in isolation, but also serve to enhance the sections that precede and follow them.

It's these examples of high-calibre tunesmithery that we're celebrating here. Although some of our choices do run for eight bars - so are middle eights in the strictest sense - we've been fairly relaxed with our selection criteria. Any middle section of a song that only appears once has been allowed through the door, which means that, while recurring bridges are excluded, alternate sections of songs that run to longer than eight bars are not.

Got that? Then let's discover some marvellous middle eights. If you think you know of some better ones, let us know in the comments below.

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