Musikmesse 2014: Ampeg revamps BA Series Bass Combo Amps

Posted Mar 12, 2014 at 7:44am
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MUSIKMESSE 2014: Bass amp veterans Ampeg today announced the new generation of BA Series Bass Combo Amps, unleashing before our very eyes five new models that've been designed with live performance in mind.

Eye-catching new features include a handy 60-degree monitoring angle and a brand new overdrive circuit to deliver "tube-like grind".

Ampeg press release

Ampeg today announces the release of the redesigned Ampeg BA Series Bass Combo Amp series with five new models - the BA-108, BA-110, BA-112, BA-115 and BA-210. Delivering true Ampeg tone, the new bass combo series is re-envisioned with new features ideal for serious gigging and rehearsal.. Featuring front-facing controls and a true 60-degree monitoring angle that provides increased clarity, the new cab design has performing in mind. Additionally, the all-new Bass Scrambler™ overdrive circuit effortlessly delivers classic tube-like grind.

"Ampeg designed the world's first bass amps and we are setting a new standard with the new BA bass combo series," remarks Ampeg Product Manager Zane Williams. "We are giving bass players classic Ampeg tone and power with performance-driven features like the Bass Scrambler™ overdrive and a 60-degree monitoring angle that allows for versatility in any playing situation."

Classic tone

The all-new BA bass combo series features classic Ampeg tone in a sleek modern design. True 60-degree monitoring angle gives players the ability to position the amp to suit their space and stage setup, while the front-facing controls make it quick and easy to adjust settings while performing. Additionally, the Bass Scrambler™ overdrive circuit provides muscular grit and grind rock bassists demand. The Bass Scrambler™, which is available on the BA-110 and up, includes separate drive and blend controls, on/off control and is foot-switchable on the BA-112 and up.

Offering a wide range of options, the new series is suitable for a variety of applications. All amps in the new BA Bass Combo series feature 3-band EQ along with independent drive and blend controls in addition to master volume, 1/8" stereo auxiliary input, and 1/8" stereo output. In addition the amps feature phantom black powder-coated all-metal chassis with front-panel backlighting. The smaller BA-108 and BA-110 are ideal for practice just about anywhere. They are lightweight for portability and offer a headphone output for silent practice as well as aux input for playing along with a smartphone or iPad. The BA-112 and BA-115, featuring Ampeg's famed Ultra Hi and Ultra low circuits, are perfect for musicians who need an amp they can use for rehearsal and small stages. The BA-210 delivers 450-Watts of power for on-stage performances. This performance-driven amp features an -15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control, extension speaker output for connecting additional bass cabs, along with a dedicated XLR balanced line out.

The new BA Bass Combo series will be available in Summer, 2014. U.S. MSRP pricing: BA-108 $139.99, BA-110 $251.99, BA-112 $419.99, BA-115 $559.99, BA-210 $699.99. For more information on the Ampeg BA Bass Combo series visit

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