Wild Stringdom with John Petrucci: Relocating Familiar Scalar Patterns to Different Areas of the Fretboard

by John Petrucci
Posted Nov 6, 2013 at 8:19am

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Let’s continue with a topic that I addressed in last month’s column: focusing on the formation of specific scalar patterns, or “shapes,” and how to connect them while traversing the fretboard.

To me, this concept and approach offer a sensible way to practice these ideas/patterns in order to build up one’s chops while also increasing overall fretboard awareness and mastery of scales.

The thing I like best about the licks I’m going to show you is that they force you to look at the fretboard beyond playing in a fixed position, or “box” pattern, as the runs move in a more diagonal pattern across the fretboard, which is much more in line with the way that I actually approach the instrument in regard to improvisational soloing.