Listen: Yngwie Malmsteen Covers Michael Jackson's "Beat It"

by Guitar World Staff
Posted Aug 29, 2013 at 1:35pm

Check out Yngwie Malmsteen's cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" below.

The track is from Malmsteen's late-2009 album, High Impact.

"It was a tribute to [Jackson], but I’ve always liked the song," Malmsteen said in a "Dear Guitar Hero" feature in Guitar World. "It’s my heavy metal version of the song, with de-tuned guitars and Ripper Owens on vocals.

"Unlike the original, I begin with a guitar solo, and there’s another solo in the middle of the track. It’s not too much like the original. I played it my own way, like I did on my Inspiration album, where I covered songs from other artists."