Blink-182 Album Taking Off

Summer release planned for "Pants" follow-up
Posted Apr 9, 2003 at 12:00am
Following two months of demo-ing new songs, Blink-182 have begun recording the anticipated follow up to 2001's Take Your Pants Off and Jacket. Working in a large, rented house-turned-studio in San Diego with producer Jerry Finn, the platinum-selling pop/punk trio has wrapped one song for the untitled disc, which is due this summer.

"We're still writing songs, but we're recording them for real," drummer Travis Barker posted on the band's Web site. "Things are very different as far as sounds of drums -- like, big, roomy, crazy parts."

A studio-cam revealed bits of a new acoustic number performed by guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, as well as a snippet of Mark Hoppus playing one of his new bass lines. Elsewhere, traces of a charged anthem-in-waiting are accompanied by DeLonge singing the lyrics, "Sixteen, I want to be different/I'm holding this inside/Aside from you."

Blink have already begun making post-studio plans; the band will perform along with Sum 41, Puddle of Mudd, Def Leppard and 311 at the Rolling Rock Town Fair on July 26th in Pittsburgh. And Barker is taking an immediate recording hiatus to tour with his side project, the Transplants, which also includes Rancid's Tim Armstrong and vocalist Rob Ashton. The band will also begin opening duties for the Foo Fighters on April 10th in Bakersfield, California.

Written by JOHN D. LUERSSEN for News

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