Boss Announces BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio

Digital Recording and CD Burning Made Easy
Posted Jan 17, 2002 at 12:00am
BOSS has introduced the BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio. This digital studio takes BOSS' "manual, schmanual" approach to the next level, offering 10 playback tracks, 80 Virtual Tracks, a stereo Master track and a built-in Rhythm track that will have users making music right out of the box. For data backup and CD creation, this recorder offers a handy internal CD-RW drive that can be purchased preinstalled (BR-1180CD model) or purchased optionally (BR-1180).

The BR-1180 has 10 standard playback tracks and includes a new stereo Master track that makes it easier than ever to bounce and mix down. Since each track can play back one of eight Virtual Tracks, every song can contain a massive 80 tracks for trying different arrangements, solos and ideas. The 20GB internal hard drive provides lots of linear (un-compressed) recording time. And by putting a .WAV CD into the internal CD-RW drive, BR-1180CD owners can easily import high quality drum loops or other parts. Thankfully, the BR-1180's icon-based display makes it all a snap to use.

The BR-1180 is as portable as it is potent, offering everything guitarists and other songwriters need--including 2 XLR mic inputs with phantom power, Line inputs and a dedicated Guitar input. Everything from reverb to COSM Guitar Amp Modeling and vocal processing is available onboard; the BR-1180 even sets up the right type of effect routing for the selected input jack. A built-in chromatic tuner helps guitarists get in tune before recording. And to help users make their CDs sound professional, there are powerful CD Mastering Tools available, too.

The BR-1180's new stereo PCM-based Rhythm track offers lots of preset patterns, letting users add drums to a song without sacrificing a recording or playback track. The Rhythm track plays its own collection of great-sounding onboard drum samples. New patterns can be loaded from Standard MIDI Files, or users can even load .WAV drum loops right into the Rhythm track.

When it's time to create an audio CD or back up precious recordings, BR-1180CD users can take advantage of the built-in CD-RW drive. A high-speed internal CD-RW is also available as an optional upgrade kit, so BR-1180 owners can upgrade to a BR-1180CD at any time. The drive can be user-installed in minutes.

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