Slash answers your questions

Posted Feb 11, 2013 at 10:26am
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Slash wasn't feeling well, we were told a day ahead of this interview by his press agent. Could we cut our time? “Bloody rockstars,” we thought.

But it turned out that Team Slash wasn’t kidding – not only were he and half of the band knocked out by bronchitis, the indestructible guitar god himself had also broken three ribs without realising it, something he told us his chiropractor had tactfully pointed out. All the while, he’s continued to relentlessly tour his latest solo album, Apocalyptic Love, circumnavigating the globe and racking up well over 100 shows around the world since May. Apparently, there’s a reason they call it hard rock...

Still, did all of that stop the guitar legend from answering your questions? Of course not – it’s Slash!

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