NAMM 2013: Ampeg expands Heritage Series

Posted Jan 24, 2013 at 9:42am
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NAMM 2013: Ampeg has revealed a new addition to its Heritage Series, the B-15N, as well as a new PF-800 head.

The good news is that the B-15N is a beautiful, all-tube American made bass amp with 1964 and 1966 channels. The bad news - and you knew it was coming - is that there's only going to be a run of 250 in 2013. The PF-800, on the other hand, isn't a limited edition, and has a recommended SRP of £519 ($820 approx).

For more information, visit the official Ampeg website.

Ampeg press release

Ampeg Expands Heritage Series with New B-15 Design

The Heritage B-15N is all-tube and circuit-board based with a cool new flat black finish

Ampeg today adds another model to its Heritage line of amplifiers — The Heritage B-15N. Like all Ampeg Heritage models, the Heritage B-15N is designed and assembled in the U.S.A. out of premium components with extreme attention to craftsmanship and finish. The Heritage B-15N delivers the sought-after B-15 performance in a new, circuit-board based, all-tube design with a beautiful flat black finish.

"No expense is spared when we build a new Heritage model. We are dedicated to breathing life into classic Ampeg designs in our U.S.-manufacturing facility," remarks Ampeg Product Manager Zane Williams. "The B-15N is all-tube with the exact circuit paths and incredible tone of the iconic original. Plus, the new flat black look of the head is really sleek."

The Heritage B-15N features distinct 1964 and 1966 channels, Ampeg's flexible Baxandall EQ and selectable bias modes for ultimate tone control. The high-quality flip-top, double-baffle cabinet is covered in black diamond tolex and factors heavily into the amazing tone of the iconic original. Built to exacting standards, the Heritage B-15N meticulously recreates the world's most recorded bass tone.

The Ampeg Heritage B-15N is available in a 2013 limited edition run of 250 units. Each Heritage B-15N features commemorative badges on both the head and cabinet. Visit Ampeg during NAMM in the massive upstairs showroom in Demo Room 209A/B from January 24-27, 2013 in Anaheim, CA.

New Ampeg PF-800 Bass Head Offers High-Power Portaflex Series Solution

Perfect for power-hungry bassists that demand uncompromising tone

Ampeg today adds a high-powered flagship head to the popular Portaflex Series — The Ampeg PF-800. The PF-800 delivers the superior performance of Ampeg's Portaflex Series bass heads in an ultra-compact 800-watt design perfect for any high-power bass rig.

"An ideal companion to any of pair of Portaflex cabinets, the PF-800 packs the most punch in the PF line…but is still compact enough to stow inside the PF flip-top cab models," remarks Ampeg Product Manager, Zane Williams. "Combine the powerful 800-watt output and the Portaflex form factor and feature set and the PF-800 is easily the most flexible amplifier in the Ampeg line-up."

The Ampeg PF-800 has exceptional headroom and can handle its own on stage, offering the flexibility and features needed for venues large and small. Classic hi/lo boosts and 5-position midrange control offer a wide choice of tone and onboard compression delivers tighter, cleaner tone at higher volumes. It attaches right to the flip-top lid of the PF-115HE or PF-210HE cabs and is perfect for the ported PF-410HLF and PF-115LF extension cabs.

The Ampeg Portaflex Series also includes the PF-350 and PF-500 bass heads and PF-115HE, PF-210HE, PF-115LF and PF-410HLF bass enclosures. The PF-800 will be available in late Q1, 2013. The PF-800 will have a RRP Inc. Vat of £519 / €649. Visit Ampeg during the 2013 Winter NAMM show upstairs in demo room 209A/B.

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