Best guitar gear of 2012

Posted Dec 5, 2012 at 12:00pm
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Have you been good this year? No? Didn't think so. It's a shame really, because as ruddy-cheeked seasonal worker Santa prepares his yearly breaking and entering spree, all the non-naughty guitarists out there - you know, the ones who practice hard and don't down seven pints before a gig - will surely be receiving some of the best gear of 2012.

It's the same every year: just when you think you've seen every possible guitar in every conceivable shape, every handy gizmo and heavenly amp, a brand new stack of gear hits the shops and makes you want to part with your hard-earned cash all over again.

In the spirit of Christmas - for here at MusicRadar the bells never stop jingling at this time of the year - we've trawled through every review and new release to bring you the very best of this year's guitar goodness. Over the next few pages you'll find new spins on old classics, impressive newcomers and plenty of reasons to put a hefty dent in your end-of-year pay packet.

So here it is: the very best guitar gear of 2012, complete with links to full reviews and the noble runners-up in each category. Enjoy, and have yourself a cracking Christmas surrounded by your nearest and dearest guitars. Oh and family and friends, don't forget them...

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