Interview: Duff McKagan on GN'R, VR, Loaded and more

Posted Nov 14, 2012 at 11:37am

Duff McKagan is a busy man. His time with Guns N' Roses ensured that he will forever be a rock legend, but he's not a man to rest on his legacy.

He's just hit the UK with his punk rock outfit Loaded, he's an author, penning last year's smash hit It's So Easy and Other Lies and he's soon to become a film maker as a documentary based around said tome is set to go into production. He's even gone all showbiz and presented the Classic Rock Awards earlier this month.

A very busy dude, indeed. In fact, he's so busy that when we called him for our planned interview he was just about to perform with a fellow icon.

"I'm about to get up on stage and play School's Out with Alice Cooper in about two minutes," he tells us. "But hey, let's do this now!"

And that's exactly what we did, as we harked back to some of Duff's finest moments, right up to the point where he was dragged away from the phone and onto the stage.