Me And My Guitar: Scott Gorham, Thin Lizzy

Posted Aug 10, 2012 at 5:12am

For the latest Me And My Guitar, we spoke to Thin Lizzy's longest-serving guitarist, Scott Gorham, who brought along his incredible late 50s Gibson Les Paul 'Burst to show us.

As guitar obsessives well know, these instruments rarely change hands for anything other than six figure sums – Scott told us when we were filming that he made $2,300 back in the 70s – but this particular model was used by the guitarist on every post-Jailbreak Thin Lizzy, so it's value is almost incalculable.

Scott believed it was a 1957 model, but (as a helpful Twitter follower pointed out at the time), 'Bursts were first produced in 1958. Further research has led us to believe that the guitar is actually a 1959.

Either way, it's one of the most sought-after guitar lines ever produced with only 1,700 instruments made between the years of 1958 and 1960.

We caught up with Scott at the UK Gibson Studio ahead of his date with Thin Lizzy at Under The Bridge, London. The band are also playing a string of European festival dates, before they head out on the road for a UK and Europe headline tour in November/December.

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