Blink-182 Talk Live Album

Mark Hoppus discusses Blink-182's upcoming live set
Posted Jun 21, 2000 at 12:00am
"I think we're gonna call it 'F*ck Everybody They Should Burn In Hell,'" says Blink-182 bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus of the live album the band plans to release in November. "No, I don't know. I think actually it's going to be called 'The Mark, Tom & Travis Show Live.'" Guitarist/vocalist Tom Delonge suggests a variation on the theme: "Fuck Everyone and That Includes You."

While recording plans were slightly altered when drummer Travis Barker broke his pinkie finger on June 4, Blink-182 manager Rick DeVoe says there's enough material in the can from the tours supporting the multi-platinum Enema of the State to go ahead with the album. Prior to the accident, Enema of the State producer Jerry Finn recorded Blink-182's concerts at Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles and Bill Graham's Pacific Auditorium in San Francisco. "He knows what exactly we sound like, what we're supposed to sound like, what we want to sound like," says Hoppus. "We spent so much time in the studio with him. He can guide the whole recording process a little better."

Hoppus claims that the live album will likely consist of a full set from the Mark, Tom & Travis Show. "There'll be some [songs] from Cheshire Cat, they'll be a bunch of stuff from Dude Ranch and a lot of stuff from Enema," he says.

"I would have liked to wait until after the next record comes out to put out a live record, but we want to do something cool for the kids who have been there since the beginning," Hoppus adds. "It's really meant as something for the fans. We're only going to have it on the shelves for like a month-and-a-half and it's going to have a bunch of extra stuff on it to make it something cool."

DeVoe thinks Barker will return for some shows in July allowing the group to complete the packaging for the album. "We're going to take a bunch of photos at the upcoming shows," he says. "We're going to have pictures and kind of scrapbook material on the booklet. It's going to be a commemorative tour piece."

After Blink-182's last stop on the tour July 8, the band is taking the rest of the month off (save for the one-off Paso Robles date), and will then reassemble to sift through the live recordings. "I don't think we'll pad our CD with a lot of clapping and a lot of cheering because our live set is more about us joking around, making asses out of ourselves. There'll probably be twenty minutes of music and forty minutes of us talking," Hoppus jokes.

As for Blink-182's next studio album, it's still in the "embryonic" stage, just melodies and lyrics. "I've got four songs that I've written," says Hoppus. "Tom has like five songs that he's written and then we just have to get together, show them to each other and work out the finer points."

The subject matter? "Same subject matter -- girls and relationships, family and the world." The project is untitled as yet. "Titles we usually come up with when it's the absolute latest time you can name something. 'What's My Age Again' was named 'Peter Pan Complex' for ever and ever and ever, until the day before it went to radio."

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