Napster, Offspring Agree to Work Together

Napster apologizes to Offspring for cease and desist order
Posted Jun 6, 2000 at 12:00am
T-shirtgate is apparently over. Napster and the Offspring announced Monday via a joint statement that they will team up to sell Napster-related merchandise, with profits to be donated to charity. "The Offspring have been great supporters of Napster," said Napster founder Shawn Fanning. "We are looking forward to working with them."

The statement comes just three days after Napster's business development manager Chris Phenner sent the Offspring an e-mail asking the band to stop selling bootlegged goods bearing the company's logo on the band's Web site. According to a source close to the Offspring, the company took back the order over the weekend.

"It was explained it was a mistake that [the Offspring] got a cease and desist, and Napster apologized for the mistake," says the source. "They didn't want to take a band that's an ally and go against them." Started in jest by the band, the partnership is looking to expand beyond the T-shirts, baseball caps and stickers currently available at "The Offspring said they were never doing this for the money," the source continues. "They were doing it for a joke. [Now they're thinking] maybe they can take the money to someone who needs it."

Fanning and Offspring singer Dexter Holland are currently working together on selecting a charity.

Written by JOLIE LASH for News

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